Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics is one of the foundational texts of our culture. While the task of bringing the landscape of ethical practice and language in a particular Athenian setting under the domain of conceptual rational understanding defeats Aristotle on multiple occasions, his explorations nonetheless teach us a great deal.

The ‘philosophical’ nature of the enquiry is also a foundational move in a hermeneutic dynamic wherein the ‘assumptions’ within a cultural discourse are inquisitively turned on the discourse itself, heralding an instability that has been with us ever since.

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4th May 2020

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6th January 2019

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11th November 2018

The recent GQ interview of Jordan Peterson by Helen Lewis is being called “Cathy Newman #2”. It is just as tense, prickly and dramatic as the Cathy Newman interview, but one year on Peterson is more steely and contemptuous of what he sees as the shallow, almost impertinent, liberals who interrogate him.

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5th November 2018

Legutko argues that the ideology that rules liberal democracy no less than communism is simplistic, leftist and utopian

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25th October 2018

To say that the esoteric ideas of René Girard (d. 2015), which have a niche but committed following of ‘Girardians’, are enormous in their scope is an understatement.

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4th October 2018

It seems extraordinary to me how in recent arguments over communism, and against the Corbyn agenda in general, so little reference or use is made of the fundamental insights put forward by Hayek in this famous book.

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26th July 2018
An interesting article and series of comments on Peterson's interpretation of the phrase 'the meek shall inherit the earth'

Some thoughts on memory from 'Thinking Fast and Slow' and Kierkegaard

A deeply bleak presentation of human lives and the precariousness of the individual in society

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Genuinely masterful in its lyrical appreciation of the magnitude of one of the greatest recorded human adventures

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A radical, existential, re-perceptualising of what it means to be a human being, which has dramatic, difficult consequences

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A belch of effluent from the London media bubble. Bitter, sneering, simplistic and obsessed with virtue-signalling. Brutally depressing

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An utterly extraordinary and overwhelming novel - the scenes are all hypnotically memorable, all of them too vivid, most of them heartbreaking

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The Demise of the Nation State - The Guardian Long Read

Paragraph after paragraph of misapprehension and exaggeration, completely without scholarship

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A savage, and dense, article by John Gray: The problem of hyper-liberalism

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Cathy Newman's frantic rushing from one story to the next is so emblematic of how the 'production' of news really generates no news at all

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Knowing, didactic and 'expert', but shallow, contradictory and fraudulent; it tells us nothing useful, and happens also to be extremely dangerous.

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An unlikely hypothesis that ethnic pluralism is a particularly acute challenge for the nation state.

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A very interesting, and serious, engagement with Jordan Peterson by Scott Alexander at SlateStarCodex

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God's Own Country struck me as a powerful elegiac fantasy on place, self-discovery and acceptance.

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An exploration of how Peterson's thinking connects with some key conservative concerns.

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David Harvey comes across as superficial, irreverent and not to be taken seriously.

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The central theme of Hamlet might be an existential inversion of what in the play itself is termed 'madness', 'losing one's wits'.

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